Q Digital Switch kit

699.00 €

Product no.: N4S_10755


A long-awaited solution to conventional switches – digital control of all the boat’s equipment.

The Q Digital Switch has 20 inputs/outputs the Q Display.

For safety, and convenience, the Q Digital Switch has built-in SmartFET fuses for each device, which removes the need for a separate fuse panel.

The Q Digital Switch is connected to Power and the boat's NMEA2000 network (all cables included).

The outputs are pre-configured as follows:


A2: onoff / Navigation lights

A3: onoff / Anchor light

B2: onoff / Lights 1

B3: onoff Lights 2

C2: PWM Dimmable lights 1

C3: PWM / Dimmable lights 2

D2: onoff Courtesy lights

D3: onoff Panel lights


E2: Momentary Bilge pump manual

E3: Momentary select 1 Anchor UP

F2: Momentary select 1 Anchor DOWN

F3: Momentary Horn

G2: onoff / Fresh water pump

G3: onoff / Grey water pump


H2: onoff / Fridge

H3: onoff / Engine room fan

J2: onoff / Multimedia

J3: onoff / Instruments

K2: onoff / 12V outlets

K3: onoff / USB outlets