Q Display 216e Auxiliary Display

3,224.00 €

Product no.: N4S_10616


Q Display 216e external monitor

Upgrade your boating to the future with Q smart navigation display!

  • A brand-new Q Series 2 External Display
  • Designed for bracket mounting (brackets sold separately)
  • Easy to install and use, made for effortless navigation
  • Clear instructions on how to install the new Q Display in the product data-sheet!

All needed cables and accessories for the External monitor are:

  • Power cable (included)
  • Display cable (not included)
  • Trunnion bracket (not included)

Cables not included are sold separately!

Upgrade for a better boating experience

The new Q Series 2 Display includes all the familiar features from the first Q generation, with loads of added features and attributes. The new Q Series 2 Display is also more customizable and includes an enhanced user interface for easier and smarter navigation.

  • Enhanced user interface. The new generation of Q plotters has a completely new user interface with clear, easy-to-navigate applications.
  • Split views and adjustable viewpoints. Make multitasking easier with split views. You can view multiple applications on the screen at the same time!
  • Remote heater. Use Q mobile app to enable the remote heater to heat up your boat in the docks. Step right into a warm boat!
  • More integrations. The new Q Series 2 Display has more possibilities for 3rd party integrations.
  • Boat Guard. Antitheft alarm for your boat! Keep your boat safe in the docks with numerous different antitheft features. (Guard cables sold seperately!)

Act now to upgrade for the boating season of 2021

If you have any questions regarding the product don’t hesitate to contact Q Support at q-support@nextfour.com.

More info on Q Display 2 Series can be found here: https://theqexperience.com/q-display-2-series/

*NOTE. To install the new Q Display some installation and electricity work is deeded with cables. See the installation instructions from the product data sheet on this page!

The customer is responsible for all installation work and possible costs!

The product warranty is 2 years.