UPGRADE OFFER Q Display 210 + installation package (Q Guard included)

RRP2,795.00 €
1,984.00 €

Product no.: N4S_10260_EXCHANGEOFFER


Q Display 210 (10") + Installation package

Upgrade your old Q Display to a new Q Series 2 Display

Switch your original 10” Q Display (from Series 1) to a new generation’s smart plotter!

NOTE. This upgrade offer is only valid if you return the old display in two weeks' time. If you don’t return the old display the use of your new Q Display will be disabled and you will get an extra 1500 € charge.

Switch to the new Display, return the old one

With the special upgrade offer, you can switch your old Q Series 1 Display to a new, Q Series 2 Display. This is the first time you can buy a new Q Series 2 Display separately, without buying a whole new boat. Here’s all you have to do:

1. Buy. Choose the right size for your new plotter (10” or 16”).

2. Install. You will receive the new Q Display by mail and you can install and replace the old one.*

3. Return. Return your old Q Display to us in two weeks' time! Take advantage of the box where you got the new Q Display.

New and improved GPS Chartplotter


  • Resolution: 1280*800 (WVGA)
  • Brightness typ. 850 cd/m2, min. 760 cd/m2
  • Contrast ratio typ. 800, min. 600
  • Viewing angle: Top/Bottom/Left/Right 85°
  • Operating Temperature Range: -25°C to + 55°C
  • Storage temperature range: -30°C to +70°C


  • Compatible with Navionics+ / Platinum+ charts with 3D mode, detailed sonar charts, and depth shading.
  • Over The Air updates (needs a sim card which is not included in the package).
  • Port-to-port routing


  • Bluetooth music streaming
  • AUX connection
  • 2x Line out for zone function
  • FM/DAB radio receiver
  • Built-in audio amplifier


  • WLAN client and hotspot
  • Bluetooth LE (remote control)
  • NMEA 2000 (AIS, Digital switch, engine data, etc.)
  • Content synchronization
  • Extensions (Fishfinder, Quantum radar, etc.)
  • Mobile application
  • 4G connection always online

You'll get all this:

With the Q Display 210 Upgrade offer you get all of this:

  • A brand-new Q Series 2 Display (10” or 16”) with your chosen brand
  • Power cable
  • Guard cables for the Boat Guard antitheft alarm
  • A silicone cover for your Q Display
  • Clear instructions on how to install the new Q Display
  • Info on how to return your old Q Display

Tell us the boat brand which you want in Check & order / Order and delivery comments. Available brands are Buster, Yamarin, Cross, Askeladden (not C83), Grand, and Q Experience.

Boat Guard antitheft alarm included!

Keep your boat safe in the docks!

Boat Guard acts as an antitheft alarm for a Q 2 Series Display. It can be used with Q Experience, Buster Q, and Yamarin Q mobile apps. All needed Guard cables for the antitheft alarm to work are included in this upgrade offer. You just need to buy a sim card from your local phone company.

Guard mode is on when the Q Display is not - it keeps your boat safe in the docks and alarms you if your boat is filling with water, if someone is trying to steal your engine or Q Display, and if the boat battery is running out. You'll get notifications on all alarms immediately to your phone. All status updates will be recorded in the guard log that you can see on your phone anytime.

Upgrade for a better boating experience

The new Q Series 2 Display includes all the familiar features from the first Q generation, with loads of added features and attributes. The new Q Series 2 Display is also more customizable and includes an enhanced user interface for easier and smarter navigation.

  • Enhanced user interface. The new generation of Q plotters has a completely new user interface with clear, easy-to-navigate applications.
  • Split views and adjustable viewpoints. Make multitasking easier with split views. You can view multiple applications on the screen at the same time!
  • Remote heater. Use Q mobile app to enable the remote heater to heat up your boat on the docks. Step right into a warm boat!
  • More integrations. The new Q Series 2 Display has more possibilities for 3rd party integrations.
  • Boat Guard. Antitheft alarm for your boat! Keep your boat safe in the docks with numerous different antitheft features.

Act now to upgrade for the boating season of 2022

If you have any questions regarding the offer or the product don’t hesitate to contact Q Support at q-support@nextfour.com.

More info on Q Display 2 Series can be found here: https://theqexperience.com/q-display-2-series/

*NOTE. To switch the old Q Panel to a new Q Display some installation and electricity work is needed with cables. See the installation instructions from the product data sheet on this page!

The customer is responsible for all installation work and possible costs, as well as the return costs of the old Q Display!

The old display must be returned, otherwise, the new Q Display will be disabled and an extra 1500 € will be charged.

The price for a new display without the upgrade offer is 2795 euros.

The product warranty is 2 years.